COMING 2022 

Watch the video here: www.thelesson-thefilm.com

We are making a non-partisan film about one of the most emotionally charged issues of our time: to buy -- or not to buy -- a gun for self-defense. 

Kimberly's production company, Nellie’s Pencils LLC  501(c)(3), has joined forces with the award-winning producer Lisa Donmall-Reeve of LDR Creative in Los Angeles, and we are asking for your support to bring my four-time “Best Short Screenplay” award-winning script,“The Lesson,” to the big screen in 2022 with the help of your tax-deductible donations. 
This film will be unlike any other film you have seen on the subject of guns.
“The Lesson” reframes the dialogue about guns in America – away from the guns – and focuses instead on people. It will be a film you want to talk about with others, whether you share their beliefs about how to deal with gun violence, or not. 
OUR TARGET AUDIENCE (pun intended) 
We are aiming to bring two groups of people into the movie theater and into a conversation:
·     those who would consider buying a gun for self-defense
·     and those who would never buy a gun under any circumstances. 
“The Lesson” is a film for everyone – regardless of your views or politics. It is for anyone who – like me – has friends and family members whom we love deeply, but who hold different beliefs.  It speaks especially to those of us who fear that expressing our beliefs might drive away those we love. 
Right now, our culture is dominated by stories that appeal only to one side or another. We all live in our own echo-chambers, and have very little opportunity to engage in reasonable and rational conversations with people who are on the opposite side of the political or social spectrum.  
This has to change. 
As our communities nationwide become more and more fractured in identity, more and more isolated and inward-looking, more and more defensive and cautious, "The Lesson" offers audiences a story that explores our shared humanity.   
We strongly believe that Art should not simply “preach to the choir;” it should challenge us to look outside ourselves, see and understand people different from ourselves, bridge the empathy gap. 
This film does not tell people what they should do, but simply hopes to inspire audiences to think about the power each of us has to determine our own lives. 

Lisa at LDR Creative has successfully guided screenplays through all phases of production to create an extraordinary repertoire of award-winning features and shorts. Together, we will ensure that every dollar donated goes where it is most needed, and judiciously spent on talent, crew, creatives, locations, safety, and quality post-production. 
This is a film about guns; it is set in a gun range, and actors will handle real weapons. Please know that we will take every precaution to ensure the safety on our set. We are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy as we tell our story. Those extra expenses, dedicated to training, safety, insurance, and proper staff, are already included in our budget. 
Your donation made through Fractured Atlas is tax-deductible. 
We are not about profit. 
We are about making meaningful and sustainable art. 
We want to tell a good story. 
We want to share it with you. 
We have an amazing team in place.
We believe that every artist and craftsman should be paid a fair wage. 
Your donations will ensure that this film will be made ethically, safely, without cutting corners, and with respect and honor for the skills and talents of everyone on our team. 
Stories are the foundations of our identities. They have the uncanny power to shape our realities, and are one of the most powerful means of connecting people. 
Please visit our website and help us bring a beautiful, soulful, and meaningful story to the largest audience possible. 

Thank you for your support!