My philosophy of education is that information is not the same thing as knowledge. An education is not a list of books you've read or courses you've completed. A true education gives you the skills to seek knowledge for yourself, to learn how to evaluate the credibility of information and the quality of sources, to critically evaluate texts and ideas -- to think for yourself.

I can be your guide.

An award-winning scholar, Fulbright, published author, multi-fellowship award recipient, and professor of comparative literature at leading universities around the globe, I can offer you the same high level of instruction I offered my students at Princeton for pennies on the dollar in private courses.

I want to help you take your writing to the next level.

 I provide detailed notes on manuscripts, with a focus on the clarity, originality, structure, meaning, and the literary integrity of your manuscript. Feedback includes structural and editorial notes given in 1 phone or Skype meeting (not to exceed 1 hour).

Manuscripts must be sent at least 3 weeks in advance of a scheduled appointment. (Please contact me if you are on a stricter deadline.)   
·      $150 for a manuscript of up to 25 pages max. 
·      $300 for a manuscript of up to 65 pages max. (26-65 pages) 
·      $450 for a manuscript of up to 150 pages max. (66-150 pages)

--Writing effective business letters and promotional/marketing materials

--Creating superb personal presentation materials & employee bios for your business or website


--Speech writing

--Grammar help and/or lessons (grammar hacks for all levels!)

--Advice and direction on any writing or research project you are working on
--Text and character analysis (for actors & students)
--College or medical school application essays 
-- Advice on any field I know about (If I know about it, I'll share what I know)
·      $100/hour  
·      $800/ 10-hour package

BOOK CLUB SPEAKER  (NYC and reasonable distances)
When my schedule allows, I am happy to visit your book club and lead a discussion. 
Please contact me through my contact page (or the link below) at least one month in advance of the event to make arrangements.  
·      $500 -- if I select the reading 
·      $750 -– if your book club selects the reading

The world is becoming more competitive, and those who want success need an edge.  But not all education is created equal.  We all know someone who earned straight As in French in college, but doesn't speak a word of the language. Diplomas are nice; tangible skills are better.

If you are interested in learning more about how literature and philosophy -- which teach us the art of asking better questions, rather than looking for quick answers -- can make you better at everything, check out this article on a U.K. study showing how learning philosophy improved students' math and language skills (and just about everything else). To set up a one-on-one or small group course, simply book a one-hour consultation to discuss your goals. ​